Thursday, 4 September 2008

Tasks in Hand- Unlucky Fried Kitten

Unlucky Fried Kitten update for Justin Strangeways Andy Fraser Andy Export Rio Fraser.

U=I Married My Sat-Nav
F=Cassette to cd program
F=Video to dvd gear
F= video for Mick The Ticket Tout
F=acoustic dou
F=bands paractice with Harry Hancock
K= Mickey Apples...Dead Pop Stars album
K= set up studio and pc area
K= build up reverb
K=build Last FM page
K= Check all other video hosting sites
K= UFK finger-printing
K= Make video for carpetright song
K= write new carpetright song
K= Compile video for Burial Ground Lane
K= Send Burial Ground Lane dvd to production company
K= set up personal song/video business
K= set up new band for internet songs
F= Record internet songs
K= record Goggleton Farm songs
K= buy new domain for UFK Dollshouse
K= set up seperate MySpace accounts for all UFK Dollshouse bands
K= Upload UFK videos and songs to Vaxxy page
K= upload songs and videos to Headbutt page.
K= Makes masks for videos

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