Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Musicals by Unlucky Fried Kitten

The first musical by Unlucky Fried Kitten was called The Story of Pigglestone Town (a football club). That was written in 2000 and was centred, not surprisingly, around a football club...called Pigglestone Town. It was a quaint footballing tale with songs including.
Let's All Go To The Football
The Stadium Ghost
The Pie Shop
The Ticket Tout
The Girl Next Door....and more.

After the story of the "piggies" (followers of Pigglestone Town F.C) came the Burial Ground Lane musical including songs such as
The Haunted House
The Museum
We Are The Meecces..and more.
The videos for Burial Ground lane are all on YouTube.
Musical number 3 was Monsters In Space with songs like
We Are The SpaceKatz
The Electric Sheep
King of the Stars...and more.
Some of the Monsters In Space songs/videos can be seen on YouTube.

The fourth musical was Goggleton Farm, with songs like
The Farmer's Daughter
Sugerlumps the Horse
The Neighbourhood Stray....and more

Other Unlucky Fried videos include

Goggleton Farm
Under The Sea
The Story of Pigglestone Town
Monsters From Space
Robot Nation
Oh What A Wonderful Funfair
The Crazy Circus
The Final Fairy Tale
Romantic,I'm Frantic For You
Inside The Middle Earth
The HarbourMaster's Tale
The Boxes
A Nation of Shop-Keepers
The Story of Fantastic Man

Unlucky Fried Kitten say a big thanks to anyone who wants to hear these musicals. They will all appear on YouTube`